Oh 2. What an age 2 is. At 2, the child begins to really express himself. He says things like “No!” and “I don’t want it!” He learns to throw. He learns to push buttons. Your buttons. And he knows just the right combination. If you resist his will, he will push back with the tenacity of a school of piranha. Really hungry ones. But he is cute. And it’s a good thing too.

Here’s a bit of photojournalism: a small example — well out of context — of young master Jonah being 2. Being 2 oh so well.

Much gratitude to our old friend Jimmy G of bavatuesdays and Planet Miles for the flickr slideshow code and the help in getting it to work right.

On this day..

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4 Responses to Scenes from a Tantrum

  1. JImNo Gravatar says:

    We feel your pain on a daily basis!

  2. darcyNo Gravatar says:

    oh, if only the leaders of today would react to the great injustices of this earth with such emotion, and such passion as you. i too, wish for ice cream. oh poo, mr jonah, now two. ( i read your copy of the tao of poo mrs. jenny last i visited your wonderful father) …with much love in your life, and only two hands….there’s always the threes to look foreward to. like the thirties are now the new twenties, i hear the threes are the new twos. oh boy, opinions are delightful. happy happiness to the the three of you’s. nice to see you keepin’ it real. much love db

  3. DanelleNo Gravatar says:

    Classic – especially the rolling of the carpet and then the trademark smile at the end. 4 is a really good age…wait for it…

  4. JoeNo Gravatar says:

    From this,Brando could have learned a thing or two about the human condition!
    Keep on feeling kid,

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