Jonah has been known to hob-nob with celebrities while jet-setting from the East coast to the West and back again, but today’s encounter takes the cake (certainly as much as meeting Dolph Lundgren and Star Trek’s Mr. Checkhov). Jonah recognized Sesame Street’s Bob McGrath (who flies coach, btw) while standing behind him on line to use the airplane lavatory. Jonah being Jonah, a conversation ensued. Just as you’d expect, the one and only “Triangle Bob Triangle Pants” (who has been on Sesame Street for its entire 40 year run) was extraordinarily friendly and nice and talked with Jonah for a good while. He even posed with Jonah for this awesome picture at the baggage claim.

Here’s a famous picture of Bob in his typical milieu:

On this day..

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2 Responses to Bob from Sesame Street is a Person on Your Airplane

  1. staceyNo Gravatar says:

    your children continue to impress me. xo

  2. johnNo Gravatar says:

    you guys have the “golden child”.

    I really want to BE Jonah when I grow up.

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