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9 Responses to Tutorial: Play System Audio in Skype Calls on Mac OSX

  1. Write An Essay Site. says:

    This was the tutorial – particularly the idea of doubling up the LineIn installations – that finally allowed me to toggle between my voice and other sound applications – and take Skype calls on the fly…
    Though the way I do it, I gather people on the call itself cannot hear the media (even if the people listening can)… I’ll take a closer look at the Skype components here for future episodes.
    Thanks for writing it up!

  2. Coop Admission Nuclear Power Plant 200 Word Essay. says:

    [...] remarkable is that karaoke is simple with Mikhail’s setup here, and I can’t communicate to you just how insanely fun it is to do, not necessarily to listen [...]

  3. [...] What’s more, Alan Levine has a great tutorial for using Nicecast (a way to broadcast to ds106radio from a Mac), Tim Owens has a tutorial for Ladiocast (also for Macs), Stephen Downes has one for the PC, and Mikhail Gershovich has a great tutorial for getting your system audio to run through Nicecast. [...]

  4. [...] evolution of ds106radio—at least for me—given that Mikhail Gershovich had figured out how to have Skype and iTunes (or all system audio for that matter) broadcasting together seamlessly (something Downes figured out for the PC before this) but it remained a nut we hadn’t quite [...]

  5. How To Write A Personal Essay For College Admission. says:

    [...] wanted to use say 2 audio apps, or if you wanted to do, say a Skype call-in show (which has been tutorialized elsewhere using SoundFlower, and/or audio mixing apps. There always seems to be a lot of audi [...]

  6. salNo Gravatar says:

    setup works but i get the echo meaning i m getting my own voice back in headphones.. i m playing a song on youtube and the audio from youtube is being routed to skype successfully but in the process i get my own voice back as well which is not what i require… any suggestions??

  7. MikhailNo Gravatar says:

    Sal, I’ll need to think about it — might be something around soundflower and system settings for audio. Have you played with the input/output settings in Skype?

  8. SimskeNo Gravatar says:

    Very good Idea!
    But the second LineIn instance can be replace by Soundflowerbed, only choose in Soundflowerbed “Soundflower (2ch)” and set it to the output device.

  9. Ryan WinterNo Gravatar says:

    When I speak I here echo on my side of me speaking. Is there a way to fix this, or is it normal

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