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go here This was a long time coming. Finally, here is a recording of a DS106 Radio broadcast from May (while I was visiting my parents in Southern California) which is now the stuff of legend. This was pure, unadulterated international free-form radio mayhem featuring me, my wife Jennie, my inimitable mother, Zack aka Noiseprofessor in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Olga Belikov and her mother in Vancouver, and Nigel Robertson in Hamilton, New Zealand. The conversation ranged from political scandal to spelunking to dirty words to sexy accents and all manner of unexpected madness, especially as the evening wore on. Zack called this convergence of disparate radio variables “DS106Radio Madlibs” and discusses the whole thing here. Olga describes this broadcast as “the best Internet experience ever”. It was a blast. Enjoy.

follow PST Radio Mayhem, Part 1
in which my mother, Jennie, and the Twitterverse discuss political scandal and other grave matters.

follow site PST Radio Mayhem, Part 2
in which international, multi-lingual mayhem ensues.

[Image credit: Michael Branson Smith]

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