I started messing around with web video in 2004, shortly after Jonah was born. For a while, I shot a bunch of short videos of him and posted them to this site. It was a way for me to document his babyhood and learn the ins and outs of web video. And it was fun. As often happens though, I slowed down. The last video I posted was this one in 2009. But I’ve held on to just about every second of footage I shot as well as the several video projects I started editing and never finished. So I think it’s high time to go back to the vaults and, at least, finish the 2 or 3 videos I started but left alone for whatever reason.

So here is one from circa Dec. 2004 when Jonah was just a few months old and when our uncle Ivan gave us a behind the scenes tour of the New York Aquarium at Coney Island, Brooklyn where he volunteers to this day. My father-in-law, Jeremiah, who was visiting us at the time, makes an appearance as well. It’s one of the few times I got Jerry on video before he passed away about a year after this was shot.

watch Last week I finally rescued this short film from outdated format oblivion thanks to my friend Alan Levine who helped me salvage the editing I did years ago and inspired me to stop obsessing over minutiae that no one but me would care about and finally finish the video. Back in 2004, Antonella, a friend and fellow former Brooklynite, encouraged me to publish this video and waited and waited but I didn’t feel that it was ready and we both eventually forgot about it. Now here it is, Anto. Enjoy.

http://www.oalth.gr/how-to-write-a-well-written-essay/ A Visit to the Aquarium from KINOBROOKLYN on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to Salvaged from thiseviloblivion: A Visit to the New York Aquarium, December 2004.

  1. GiuliaNo Gravatar says:


    I had no idea you were such a creative genius.

    My absolutely favourite part: the slumbering Jonah slowly opening his eyes to see the mouth of a shark. Second fave: the jellyfish footage is so dreamlike; it’s probably exactly the kind of semi-conscious deep thought that goes through the infant mind. 

    My kid was born in 1999 and all my web videos are locked in a crazy Kodak codec and soon to be completely inaccessible through old scratched CDs.

    So in addition to the aesthetic and entertaining argument, I URGE you to liberate that video while you can!

  2. staceyNo Gravatar says:

    watch right on! viva la video.  emmy goes to jennie mo.

  3. Alan LevineNo Gravatar says:

    It was great to be there as you were assembling this- your devotion to good video editing is inspiring!

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