Above is my first take on Alan Levine’s great “Make The Untranslatable Understood” DS106 assignment:

Resumes Now Use the Random Words with No English Translation tool ( to generate a word that could be better understood with a photo or image. Find a creative commons image or make your own, and include the word somehow in the image (using a desktop photo editor or web tool like Aviary or PicNIk). Then share it with someone and ask if it makes sense. Indonesian in origin, “jayus” has made its way into  Malaysian, Filipino, Tagalog and now English.

click here (Image credit: TimmyGUNZ. I originally wanted to use an image of the real Fozzie Bear but could not find a suitable CC licensed one.)

On this day..

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2 Responses to Jayus

  1. GiuliaNo Gravatar says:

    go to link This picture is perfect for that word. I keep coming back to it with a big giggle and “awwwww, so cute”.
    Great to see you jumping back into ds106. This assignment is pretty fun to be sure. I’ve pinned it as part of my pinterest experiment.
    Now..,I wonder what super hero you’d be? 

  2. scottloNo Gravatar says:

    Nicely done Mikhail. This one is a hundred times better than the “real” Fonzy Bear.

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