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david cooperrider dissertation What part of the title did you not understand? Sushi on a conveyor belt at Kaiten East Sushi, 3rd Ave and 27th St., NYC. Got about a minute before my phone fell. The sushi goes around on a conveyor belt on different colored plates. Each color plate costs a certain amount (white, $1.50; pink, $1.75; green, $2.00, &c., &c.) Take what you want and stack the plates. At the end of the meal, the waitstaff tallies the different colored plates and calculates the bill. In Japan, this is called kuru kuru sushi. Pretty cool. And delicious.

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5 Responses to The Journey of a Piece of Sushi a Conveyor Belt

  1. As the sushi passes to young asian women, slowly reveal Mikhail, Craig, and then Tom. The sushi is disappointed. No Luke Waltzer?

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  2. marthaNo Gravatar says: I want to see this video, but I cannot see this video. 

    College Admissions Essay Help Volunteering This saddens me terribly.  

  3. MikhailNo Gravatar says: college research paper sample Waltzer no like the sushi, MBS. Martha, you should be able to see it as it’s just a YouTube embed. Try this:

  4. marthaNo Gravatar says:

    Harry Potter College Admissions Essay Huh. That embed wasn’t working an hour ago, I swear. And I haven’t even had a Marthini. 

    This is awesome. Seems like the opening shot for a very hip, independent film.

    Also, I now trust Luke Waltzer even less than I used to.  

  5. LukeNo Gravatar says:

    Once you learn how much I dislike cats, you’ll probably trust me just about as much as you should.  

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