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We just had to share this with you. After the lovely Sunday brunch in the San Fernando Valley depicted above, Jonah drove with his babushka and dedushka to a local Russian store to stock up for New Year’s Eve. And just look at what we found there: an honest to goodness 5 foot long smoked alligator. Could this be the infamous Reggie who has been menacing Los Angeles? Russians will eat anything.

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4 Responses to Fine Dining with Jonah, Vol. 2

  1. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    Hey — some of us of vaguely Russian extraction would like a taste of that ‘gator. Save me a… do gators have drumsticks? Maybe a nice piece smoked snout. Or a little slice of handbag.

  2. johnNo Gravatar says:

    Essay Writing Service Coupon You don’t know how I feel to have missed out on both Jonah AND the Marmalade Cafe. Where’s everyone else? Or does Jonah prefer to dine alone?

  3. AntoNo Gravatar says:

    Accounting Phd Thesis Jonah’s discerning taste is truly admirable (and nothing beats a good cup of millk, Miles would agree!) Happy New Year from Virginia!

  4. [...] keeping up with the adventures of Jonah and Eli since before there was even an Eli, may remember this post from January of 2006. Well, we got this in thiseviinbox today from an inquiring gourmand from Glendale, CA: [...]

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